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The CQuartz Experience

Why We Chose CQuartz?

The reality is there are many other ceramic competitors out there it was hard for use to choose one. However, CQuartz UK Edition separates itself greatly from the pack by having 60% SiO2 with 99.9% purity. That makes this product the first ever nano silica coat with such a high focus. The high level of purity guarantees that your vehicle has the most straightforward film glass coat possible. This equivalents to longer enduring paint security that repels water, earth elements, street salt, ice, snow, and other ecological contaminants, leaving your vehicle cleaner for broadened periods between washes.

What is CQuartz?

CQuartz UK Edition is an extraordinarily defined variant of the incredibly famous CQuartz Ceramic Paint Protection. The UK Edition is based off a the ordinary version, CQuartz.


However, in this newer version, it was created to withstand the unforgiving winter conditions we have here in the Pacific North West. This includes protection from the elements such as: temperature, street salt, and synthetic compounds utilized out and about that are progressively dangerous to your paint.

How is CQuartz Applied?

Our typical CQuartz application takes us anywhere from a half a day to a full day of work (close to eight or nine hours). The reason for the length is, the application process is intense since you can only work in small increments at a time. 


In addition, we only use premium applicators provided by the manufacturer themselves when applying the ceramic. Lastly, this process requires that the vehicle cannot get wet for a minimum of 48 hours after application.

What's Included:

Prep / Clean

Prep Chemicals / Cleans paint fully with clay treatment

Step 1


Three stage polishing done, to remove all defects before coating 

Step 2


Two layers of CQuartz UK is applied to all exterior paint / plastics

Step 3


Applied CQuartz is finished off with CarPro Reload Spray

Step 4


Paint only

Painted portion of vehicle


(Two Door)


(Four Door)

SUV (Five Seats)

/ Hatchback

Pickup / 

Four Door Truck

Van / Large SUV

(Seven Seats)






Whole vehicle 

Paint, trim, wheels and windows


(Two Door)


(Four Door)

SUV (Five Seats) / Hatchback

Pickup /

Four Door Truck

Van / Large SUV (Seven Seats)






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