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Headlight Restoration


Get rid of hazy headlights with our headlight restoration.




We condition our hair, why not our leather? For a shiny, longer lasting interior. 

Interior Shampooing

       Quoted on          vehicle size

Maybe you spilt some coffee or maybe you just want a newer looking interior. 

Paint Sealant 


Protect your car for up to three years. 

Ozone Treatment

        $75 / Hour

Can't quite get rid of that funky smell? Try an ozone treatment, to purify the ventilation system & fabric. 


Ceramic Wheel Coating


Don't let the Pacific North West ruin those rims. Protect them now. 

Dog Hair Removal

$99.99 / Hour

Tired of lint rolling yourself anytime you get out of you car? Try our complete dog hair removal.

Engine Bay Cleaning


Want you engine looking show room ready? Let us take care of it.

Overspray Removal

$99.99 / Hour

We all make mistakes. Don't stress, we take care of overspray removal. 

Scratch Removal


It could be a micro-scratch or maybe it's more severe. Either way, we'll handle it. 

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