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CQuartz Ceramic Coating


Created to withstand the unforgiving and unpredictable conditions we have here in the Pacific Northwest.

Why CQuartz

The reality is there are many other ceramic competitors out there making it hard for us to choose one. However, the CQuartz UK ceramic coating edition separates itself greatly from the pack by being the first ever high-focus nano silica coat for maximum protection and an enduring shine.


The high level of purity guarantees that your vehicle has the most straightforward film glass coat possible. This equivalents to longer enduring paint security that repels water, earth elements, street salt, ice, snow, and other ecological contaminants, leaving your vehicle cleaner for broadened periods between washes.

Red Dodge Challenger Car

What's Included

Prep / Clean

Car wash with clay bar  treatment to remove all contaminants.


Recommended but 


$100 an hour. 

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Two layers of CQuartz UK is applied to all exterior paint, trim, rims & windows.

Group 50 (2).png


Finished with CarPro Reload Spray for lasting gloss  & finish.

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Car Wash Service

The application process

Our typical CQuartz ceramic coating application takes us anywhere from half a day to a full day of work (close to eight or nine hours). The application process is intense since we can only work in small increments at a time.


We believe in quality over quantity, and the results speak for themselves.

 In addition, we only use premium applicators provided by the manufacturer themselves when applying the ceramic, guaranteeing a flawless finish.

Need to Know

Our company make sure your vehicle looks its best with our ceramic coating services, but keep in mind that we are a mobile service meaning a garage or good weather is necessary for all ceramic coating jobs.


We also do not include any paint correction in our pricing for ceramic coating and we do charge by the hour. Pricing for paint correction is $100 an hour and typically can take anywhere from 2 - 4 hours. 

We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to maintain your vehicle. However, it is most important the vehicle does not get wet for 24 hours after application. For this we recommend not driving it during that time.

caucasian worker's hands hold the handles of a yellow angle grinder with a polishing wheel

Ceramic Coating Pricing

Painted portion of vehicle only


(Two Door)


(Four Door)

Hatchback / Compact SUV (Five Seats)

Pickup / Four Door Truck

Van / Large SUV

(Seven Seats)






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